Yes. It’s true! I shoot kids… with my camera that is.


focal length: 50 mm
shutter speed: 1/160
aperture: f/1.8
ISO: 400
flash: none

I’m a mom with a camera and a penchant for clicking away. After receiving several compliments about my photos and requests from other parents to shoot their kids, I decided it was time to share my secrets. OK, so I don’t really have any secrets, but I do know a few things that might help you take better pictures of your kids.

You may already be a snap-happy parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, which is great because I like snap-happy people. We have an understanding, a bond. We recognize that time is fleeting and memories fade along with it. Capturing those moments ‘on film’ as they say, is important to us. And who doesn’t like looking at photos?

Whether or not your photos are good or bad, they document the past. I just prefer documenting the past with good ones. Photos that lead your eye to the subject you are trying to capture. Photos that evoke the same kind of emotion you experienced when you pressed the shutter release button in the first place. Photos that can accurately recompose that moment in time that slipped through our fingers.

Those are the kinds of photos I like to look at. Those are the kinds of photos I would like for others to have and cherish. This is what Dolce Pics is about. A collection of my experiences and growth that helps me taker better photos so that I can help you take better photos. Sweeter pics. Simply put.

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