Last night, I got to thinking about how I got into photography and when it all started.

I remember receiving my first camera when I was 9 years old. It was made of cheap red and black plastic but I loved it! That year, my fourth grade teacher taught us how to develop prints in the darkroom we had at school. I still have the prints I developed back in the ’80s! My dad had a film SLR (Canon A-1) that he used to take portraits of us four siblings back in the day and I’m so glad that we have such beautiful photos to cherish even today.

Fast forward to the last decade and there were more film point and shoots, a few digitals and a lot more pictures! All of my siblings are totally snap-happy; we must’ve inherited the picture-taking gene from our dad.

So, I suppose I have always had a bit of an affinity towards taking photos. However, I believe that it was in preparation for the birth of our daughter when I really caught the photo bug.

An article on Crave caught my attention last week. I can see why 51% of DSLR users in the US are women and are most likely to have children under the age of 6. I guess I fall right into that category! I knew a regular point and shoot just wouldn’t cut it. Mind you, I have a compact digital camera that I carry around with me everywhere for “emergencies”, but it’s not my first choice when it comes to trying to capture a moving child. The response time is much too slow, the direct flash is unflattering and I have little control over how my photographs will turn out.

Knowing this, we bought our first DSLR a couple years before having our first child, so we could hone our skills. But it was only after we had our baby that I really started to shoot seriously and because my new “job” meant being with the baby 24 hours, 7 days a week, I’m usually the one to grab the camera. I have about 50,000 actuations (clicks) on my DSLR and I’d say about 70% of those took place after little Sophie came into the world. If you’re not a parent yet and you think you take a lot of pictures, just wait until the little ones arrive! You just can’t resist!

I’m a mommy-turned-photographer. Are you one too?

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