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Lynne & Brian - Sneak Peek

Aug 29, 2010 Posted in weddings

It was a beautiful end to a wonderful day with Lynne and Brian. It’s late into the night now but I couldn’t help but post just few images to whet your appetite. Huge thanks to my amazing husband and second photographer!
*click to enlarge

Congratulations Lynne and Brian! I can’t wait to show you [...]

Benetta & Abe - Sneak Peek

Aug 22, 2010 Posted in weddings

Today was a beautiful day as Benetta and Abe exchanged vows and became husband and wife. It’s super late but I just couldn’t resist sharing a few images from their wedding.
I think you’ll agree with me. They are gorgeous, happy and so in love!
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Huge thanks to Lori Eng for [...]

Molly & Mike - Wedding

Aug 11, 2010 Posted in weddings

From the very west end of Ladner where the guys were hanging out, to the very east where the ladies were getting ready, everyone was a good spirits. It was the big day they had all been looking forward to.
My second photographer Sherry Lu and I headed to a beautiful heritage home to [...]

I love… LOVE!
I just got back from a wonderful photo session with my good friend Benetta and her fiancé Abe. Full post will come soon but I just couldn’t resist sharing a few goodies.
*click to enlarge
I’m loving this play on light and shadows!

So so HAPPY!

Rockin’ their Chucks.

And yes, we couldn’t resist!

Thanks guys [...]

Molly & Mike - Sneak Peek

Jul 18, 2010 Posted in weddings

I had really been looking forward to Molly and Mike’s big day ever since I got to spend some time with them at their couples session last month. I’ll be posting a full entry with more photos soon but for now here is a sneak peek.
*click to enlarge
Isn’t Molly absolutely stunning?

And so are her lovely [...]

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