Eye Sparkle

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focal length: 29 mm
shutter speed: 1/320
aperture: f/2.8
ISO: 320
flash: none

I like to blind shoot from time to time so I don’t have to lie on the ground to get a shot at an interesting angle. Call me lazy, but I think it’s fun to shoot blindly and see what I can get. I used spot metering in aperture priority mode so that the camera would meter for her face rather than for the bright sky behind her. Otherwise, her face would have come out much darker. I don’t mind blowing out the sky anyway. For the processing, I used my Retro Desaturated Preset in Lightroom and just adjusted the tint to be more pink than green. Then I opened it up in Photoshop and decided to run a little Unsharp Mark (USM) found under Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask to add a little more sparkle to her eyes.

You can see the before and after picture below:
Pre Post

I used these values for a subtle change:
USM Values

Important to note is that I resized my image to a width of 880 pixels before applying the USM. If I had used those same USM values before I had resized, I wouldn’t have seen any effect.

So, I added a little more sparkle in her eyes with a simple trick using USM. What values do you use for USM on your photos?

I love this view of Sophie because her big chubby cheeks and hands are accentuated. We had a great time at our picnic!

Laura is a Vancouver wedding and portrait photographer. Visit laurahana.com.