focal length: 48 mm
shutter speed: 1/50
aperture: f/2.8
ISO: 320
flash: none

I’m challenging myself to take more shots that are a step from my ordinary, usual stuff.  It would probably help if I left the house more wouldn’t it?  Well, since I haven’t had a chance to bring my camera outdoors, I had to settle for another home shot.  This time I went for the ice cream… er… and the ice cream belly.  I cropped a bit off the right and bottom to put more of the focus on the death grip on the ice cream bar stick.  For processing, I tried several different approaches.  First I started with a high contrast, increased black type look.  It didn’t work with her arm in the shadow as it made the skin look very strange and blotchy almost.  So I went the other direction and used my retro desaturated preset with a pink hue instead.  I think it works better with the soft greens and pink, which are prominent in this photo.  I only wish that black ottoman wasn’t in the way!  Now it’s bugging you too right?

Have you ever tried a Melona bar?  It’s super delicious.  A creamy, honeydew flavoured ice cream bar on a stick.  Fabulous!

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