Lobster Claw

focal length: 32 mm
shutter speed: 1/125
aperture: f/2.8
ISO: 640
flash: none

I wish I had framed this slightly more to the right so that my main subject wouldn’t be in the centre of the image.  Because she is in the middle, her gaze and ours gets cut short as there is only half the image distance to travel from the centre to the right edge of the photo.  The dark shadows on the left part of the frame is a little more than I would like as well.  I could crop it so that it would line up with the rule of thirds a bit more but it doesn’t look like there is enough space on the top and bottom for me to crop and still maintain a 4×6 ratio.  BUT, look at that face!  This is one of those not-so-perfect shots, compositionally, yet perfect in my eyes as her mother.

Poor kid.  Still too young to enjoy lobster, so she had to settle for sucking on the claw.

Laura is a Vancouver wedding and portrait photographer. Visit laurahana.com.