focal length: 27 mm
shutter speed: 1/1000
aperture: f/5.6
ISO: 200
flash: not fired

Last week, we did a bit of whale watching off the coast of Maui. We didn’t bring our long telephoto lens with us so we didn’t get too many photos of the humpback whales, although, we only saw some fins and tails so I’m not too sad about not bringing the 70-300mm. We just enjoyed the ride, the sun and smoothies on board. It was difficult to get some good portraits as the boat was completely full and very busy but we did find a nice quiet rail to hang onto and I directed my husband to shoot from down low and up into the sun for some flare. By shooting from a lower position, we were able to declutter the scene and capture a more interesting view. I like how this one turned out although I did have to clone out other passengers from the frame.

When you’re traveling in hot tourist spots, I find it’s more challenging to find the simple, clean look that lends itself well to portraiture. By changing your position and angle, you might be able to create an image that still reminds you of your trip while still looking uncluttered.

Here’s the original image with the other people still in the frame. What a difference a little cloning makes!

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