focal length: 24 mm
shutter speed: 1/50
aperture: f/2.8
ISO: 400
flash: none

I’m really enjoying the look of the wide angle. Although 24mm isn’t exactly wide, it does allow me to get in close and achieve a different look compared to shooting from a further distance away but zoomed in. You will also get a much different perspective. I’ll be sure to show you examples of what I’m talking about in a future post. I used the preset I created yesterday to process this photo. I’m liking the subtlety of the colours. What do you think?

Children are such curious creatures, which is what I think allows them to overcome such steep learning curves in the first few years of their lives. They start by knowing nothing except living in their mother’s womb to suddenly entering into a strange world while experiencing so many dramatic changes. They adapt so well that it’s truly amazing. I am in awe of our children.

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