Sun Lovin

focal length: 32 mm
shutter speed: 1/800
aperture: f/8.0
ISO: 200
flash: none

Wow, I changed my aperture away from the omnipresent f/2.8! Hard to believe I know. I was just trying to get a few defined sun rays for a different sort of picture. I exposed for the sky rather than on my subject so her face turned out quite dark. I had to bump up the fill light in Lightroom and fiddled around with some other settings. Then I threw a texture layer on top using multiply blend mode, opacity 52% for this sun-kissed photo look.

One of the other things I love about Lightroom is the history. Unlike in Photoshop, the history for every single change I made is recorded and remains there, even after I close Lightroom and reopen it! I can always revert back to any point in my editing. Very cool indeed.

The best part about summer is the sun and the fun times we share with our loved ones under it’s warm rays.

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